Workbook for 3rd grade April 20-24


Student´s name:___________________________________    class: 3____



Cuadernillo de actividades Inglés III


Actividad  Semana 2

(página 20) Se incluye archivo PDF


I.-  Instructions: Check and read the page 20  and complete the chart.

Name of the play:


Main Character:

Secondary Character:

Target audience:

Cognates ( Cognados):

Familiar words:

Unfamiliar words and meaning: ( Usa tu diccionario físico o en linea para completar)


II.-Instrucciones: Apóyate en tu diccionario para contestar

I.-Before the book.

  1. What is your favorite play?
  1. – Who is the main character?

3.-What is the Genre?

  1. – Describe your favorite play (Use adjectives).
  1. – Describe the main character (Use adjectives)

III.-Read the page 23 ( Se incluye PDF ) and complete

Name of the play:


Main Character:

Secondary Character:

Target audience:

Cognates ( Cognados):

Familiar words:

Unfamiliar words and meaning: (Usa tu diccionario físico o en línea para completar)

IV.- Actividad de reforzamiento. Comprensión Lectora pag. 119 (Se incluye PDF)

Instrucción: Relaciona los personajes con su descripción. Imprime el documento contesta y anéxalo.

V.- Watch the video and answer

Link para el video corta y pega en tu buscador:

1.-Whar are the character´s name?

2.-Where does the story take place?

3.-What was the rabbit´s problem?

4.-What happened with the carrots?

5.-Why couldn´t Nico wear his favorite winter clothes?

6.-What did the children do with their old clothes?

  1. – Why couldn´t the birds eat the carrots again?

Workbook for 3rd grade

April 27- May 1

Student´s name: _____________________________________-Class:

Play Script Questions

III.-Look at the short scene from the play written below, then answer the

questions that follow.

(Excitedly moving around grabbing stuff from the room)

Nikki: “Hurry up! We have ten minutes to get everything together before the

new horse will be dropped off.”

Amanda: “I’m coming, I’m coming. What does he look like?”

Nikki: “He is solid black except for one white mark on his forehead. Is his stall


(Truck tires can be heard in the driveway. Both girls run to the edge of the

barn to watch the trailer)

Nikki:” He’s here! I can’t wait to ride.”

1. Who has the first dialogue in this sample?


2. Who are the characters in this play script?


3. What emotion is Nikki supposed to show according to stage direction?


4. What would be a good title for this sample?


5. How can you tell where the girls are standing at the end?


6. What is Nikki excited to do?___________________________________________________________

IV.-    Read the article about a young man and woman who lost a ring.

Are the sentences 1 – 8 “Right” or “Wrong”?

If there is not enough information to answer “Right” or “Wrong”, choose “Doesn’t say”.

The  Ring  and  the  Fish

Thomas and Inger, who live in Sweden, are the happiest couple in the world. Two years ago, they were on a boat a few kilometres from the beach. Thomas asked Inger to marry him and he gave her a gold ring. He wanted to put the ring on Inger’s finger, but he dropped it and it fell into the sea.  They were sure the ring was lost forever.

That was, until last week, when Mr Carlsson visited them. He had a fish shop and he found the ring in a large fish which he was cutting up for one of his customers. The fish thought the ring was something to eat! Mr Carlsson knew that the ring belonged to Thomas and Inger because inside the ring there were some words. They were , “to Inger, All my love, Thomas”. And so Mr Carlsson gave the ring back to them.

Inger has two rings now. When they lost the first one, Thomas bought Inger another one. But they think the ring the fish ate is the best one.